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By 2025, BT will have migrated everyone to an IP based system and it may seem a long way off but, from next year new ISDN lines will no longer be available.

So you need to explore your options for the new connections and start planning the migration of your existing in-house PBX clients.

net:IP PBX comes with all the advantages of VoIP technology and much more...

  • Freedom of choice when setting up and billing your customers.
  • No add-ons, ALL features come as standard.
  • Invaluable migration expertise at your disposal.
  • Huge Savings and increased margins.

The Benefits for your client

  • No more expensive line rentals and great reductions on call charges.
  • Flexible and versatile - Business numbers are retained wherever they move. Users can log in and have access to the company's phone system from any location like they were in the office.
  • Faster installation - A new extension is activated in less than 24 hours.
  • Advanced features - More control, integration with mobiles and computer systems and a huge range of new features.

The Benefits for you

  • Retain existing clients and upgrade their services.
  • Enrich your services portfolio
  • Obtain more customers.
  • Reduce technical support costs because VoIP systems are controlled remotely
  • Increase your profit margins, as demonstrated below

Detailed below are the cost savings for a set up with 400 hosted seats which demonstrates how your profit margins will be significantly increased (the number of companies does not matter because of multi tenancy)

net:IP PBX
of Users
One - off
purchase cost
5yr Lease
monthly cost
Data Centre
Hosting Rental
SIP trunk/
channel cost
net:IP PBX
total monthly
Avg Cost
3rd party
Hosted Licence
@£7.00 **
Savings over
60 months
500 series 400 £5,000.00 £104.90 £400.00 £200.00 £1,520.00 £2,224.90 £2,800.00 £575.10 £34,506

*Cost price per SIP trunk/channel/seat: £3.80 including bundled minutes.
**Average cost price per Hosted licence: £7.00 - variables: provider, chargeable features, bundled minutes.

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