The Benefits

Whether premise based or at a Data Centre,
the "All in one" net:IP PBX Box is designed and built to provide :

Flexibility In Use

  • Remote Set up and management.
  • Configuration and changes are instant.
  • Multi tenancy allows you to host as many accounts as you wish, up to 2000 extensions.
  • A cost effective solution for clients that want to have their phone system onsite.

Freedom In Pricing

  • You can set your own selling prices.
  • There is NO monthly recurring hosted service cost.
  • All the call management features are available as standard.
  • There are no extra charges for advanced/extended features.


  • No need to rely on third or fourth party technical support.
  • No more waiting time to customer service call centres.


  • Sip trunk provider of your choice.
  • You can keep your existing SIP trunks.

No Add On's Required

net:IP PBX is a fully integrated system so there
is no need for extra hardware or software.

Connectivity Scenarios

When you opt for your own net:IP PBX Box

  • You just have to point your existing SIP trunks to your net:IP PBX box.
  • You can always check net:telecom SIP trunk prices and migrate existing services.
  • If there are hosted seats, the numbers will be ported to the SIP trunk provider of your choice.

For new connections and prospective clients

  • You choose the SIP trunk provider according to your requirements.
  • You can either connect to your own net:IP PBX box or offer to your client an onsite net:IP PBX box.
  • You decide on the sell on prices of features and services.